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Original, innovative and award winning kitchen, bathroom & interior design

In tune with you

Great design begins by focusing on YOU

After all, your home is not just an inanimate concept but one that you occupy, that is living, that is breathing and one that expresses you, one that defines you. 

Inspiration comes from various sources and affects us at different times, and it is the role of the designer to distill the ideas, inspiration and the bricks and mortar to create a space that reflects that best.

Award winning designs

Natalie is the NKBA Excellence in Design Winner this year. She won the Supreme Kitchen, Supreme Bathroom and Designer of the Year, and her coastal beach bach is a finalist SBID international design awards. Read about these awards and many more here...

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"Natalie was brilliant to work with. The design and finished product are stunning - we are delighted with the results. The Kitchen ended up winning the Trends Kitchen Award! We have one bathroom to go so Natalie will be back..."

Carolyn Kidd

Kitchen designed by Du Bois Design // Photo Jane Usher courtesy NZ House & Garden 

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“You may not know what you want when you first meet me. My expertise is in knowing the right questions to ask to understand exactly what you need and what will make you happy. This is why my projects are unique, original and innovative; they are created specifically for the individual and their particular requirements and desires. Together we create unique luxury interiors with workability + wow.”

About Du Bois Design

Multi award-winning designer, Natalie Du Bois, founded Du Bois Design in 2007. Her bespoke design practice is built and focused on creating kitchens, bathrooms and interiors that are completely ‘in tune’ with her clients. Each of her designs is unique – aesthetically, practically and ergonomically aligned to the individual and the space it occupies.

"A proven professional approach is what is needed to know how to put together all the products and choices out there and make it work"

Natalie's passion is to help you fine tune the endless options to create something which works for YOU; to put it all together so the room works as a complete project. 

The products may look good but will the they last? Will what you spend on them be a wise choice? Are there similar options out there? Will there be challenges to think about? Sudden surprises which you may not have considered? Have you looked at all the options which are right for you project? Or will you spend hours trying to figure this all out only to be back to the beginning totally confused?

"My secret power is to get inside your head to find out what your interior environment needs to feel complete, look amazing, and work for you."


Designed by Natalie Du Bois

Designed by Natalie Du Bois

What we design

Full interior design
Sculleries and pantries
Laundries and utility areas
Wine cellars and bars
Wardrobes and closets
Bedroom interiors
Studies and libraries
Custom designed specialised furniture
Interior and exterior colour schemes

What we can source or advise on

Flooring (soft and hard finishes)
Wall finishes (paints, wallpaper and tiles)
Bathroom fixtures & fittings
Sinks and tapware
Accessories (linen, towels and rugs)
Windows treatments (blinds, drapes, shutters and more)

"Luxury is in each detail"

Hubert de Givenchy

Style is the immeasurable quantity of your home. 

As architect Louis Kahn says, a great building - or home - must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable. 

Choosing a professional designer you trust is paramount to this being a seamless experience, and one that results in spaces that truly reflect unique and personal style that works for you.

All work pictured on this site © Du Bois Designer Kitchens & Interiors // Photography credited throughout


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